End the Curse.

Film: Fear Street: Part Three – 1666 (2021)
Cast: Kiana Madeira, Benjamin Flores Jr., Gillian Jacobs, Ashley Zukerman


The origins of Sarah Fier’s curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever.

This week we go in on the final chapter of Fear Street and if you ask me, 1666 is the strongest installment by far – and I just freaking love it okay? I feel it does a really great job of sewing up all three films and it really got me in the feels on multiple occasions, which I’ll go into below.

Just in case, my thoughts on Part One here and Part Two here.

So, at the end of 1978 (the film, not the year), Deena and co reunited the corpse of the witch Sarah Fier with her severed hand. In the kerfuffle, Deena has a vision of Sarah in 1666 and this is where we begin film 3. Sarah Fier lives with her younger brother Henry and father George on a small farm in Union, the settlement that will later become Shadyside, a town we now know is rotten to its very core. The Union community consists of Pastor Cyrus Miller and his family, including daughter Hannah, Soloman Goode, Mad Thomas, Caleb and Sarah’s pals Lizzie and Isaac (and more but don’t worry about them).

One night the young folk plan a gathering in the woods where they’ll take potent berries (with trippy side effects) and party like it’s 1999 (the next film in the series?). These berries are gathered in the forest, where Hannah, Sarah and Lizzie meet a reclusive widow who lives her best life out there, alone. While in the company of the widow, Sarah stumbles across a book of black magic, but don’t worry this probably won’t come back to haunt us in any way, shape or form later. LOL.

Back at the party, Hannah and Sarah are harassed by fuck boi Caleb, who’s humiliated by Sarah’s sharp tongue and the general rejection of his super smooth sexual advances. Running off into the woods once again, the women GET IT ON – and everything is right with the world – until it becomes clear that somebody has seen them. Unaware of who this spy may be, the girls panic as lesbianism in the 1600s is not something that comes with a celebratory parade. Nevertheless, Sarah foreshadows her future by daring them to hang her if that’s what they want. GIRL.

The next day, our lovers are brought crashing down to earth when Hannah’s father Pastor Miller starts acting really fucking strangely. Not only that but the town’s food and water sources have been contaminated, and Sarah wonders if her ‘unclean’ actions are to blame. She confides her worries in her pal Soloman but he assures her, wisely, that unless you go out of your way to summon the devil, the devil doesn’t tend to come knocking – and not to blame herself. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Cyrus takes twelve of the village kids hostage – including Henry – in one of the most haunting and nasty scenes I’ve ever seen on film and Sarah is almost murdered but for the quick thinking of Soloman and his handy pitchfork.

This event, and the general misfortune of the town over the last day lead the community to ponder who might have brought the evil in – and of course, rejected cockwomble Caleb throws Sarah and Hannah under the bus, claiming he witnessed them laying with the devil in the woods. In fairness, in this time period, the only obvious answer for anything bad is always witchcraft.

Well, in the 1666 segment, you can be sure this isn’t going to end well but needless to say, before Sarah meets her inevitable end (not a spoiler if you’ve watched 1994 and 1978), secrets are revealed and would you believe it, maybe Sarah isn’t the heinous witch bitch we’ve all been lead to believe she is. Moreover, maybe she isn’t responsible for the Shadyside curse at all. SAY WHAT? If we learn nothing else here, it’s to not always believe the stories, especially where disgruntled men are involved.

Back in 1994, ready to wrap things up once and for all, Deena and Josh now realise the truth – and craft a plan to kill the key to all this carnage. Can you guess who that is yet? As for the gang: Deena, Josh, C.Berman and mall janitor Martin – will they prevail?

Will Deena bring Sam back to the living in one piece – and most importantly, will Sarah get the justice she truly deserves?

Watch the fricking trilogy, bitches, it’s the only way to find out.


I really enjoyed this experience and a lot of the credit goes to 1666 for doing such a good job of filling in the blanks and giving Sarah Fier a worthy backstory. I love this period setting (very reminiscent of The VVitch), the score (no 90s bangers this time around) and the story – about persecution, and the trials and tribulations of simply being a woman – is great. Sure there’s more to it all than that but I don’t want to give it away.

Some of the imagery is truly unsettling, while I think the performances – from a cast we’ve seen in previous installments – are stronger than ever. The accents do get a bit shaky, I must admit and at times seem to get dropped altogether but I’m shit at accents too and it’s a minor complaint.

I was really moved by Sarah’s fate and the aftermath of her death within her friendship circle is heartbreaking. At the core of the franchise is more than one LGBTQ+ love story and it’s important we see this non-hetero (and preferably non-white) representation as often as possible. Craft all future films and art around it in fact, I fucking dare you.

Back in 1994, we get the closure we desire and even here things are better than ever. When the Scooby Gang bring all the murderers together in one setting – Shadyside Mall, naturally – it all gets a bit Freddie Vs. Jason and believe me, I’m the ideal audience for this shit. Everything is highly stylised and neon hued – and it’s super fun.

I don’t have anything more to add really. Fear Street isn’t the best horror trilogy ever made and it is flawed – but it’s been an event and an enjoyable distraction from the general bullshit of the world for a while. I’m excited to see what comes off the back of it since R.L Stine has such an extensive catalog just ripe for adaptation. Horror is so having a moment and I am loving it! Recommend.

MY RATING: 4.5/5

How does Jill feel about the Fear Street conclusion? Does she rue the day she entered the Mall or is she Shadyside forever ? Find out here.

*Featured image by Sam Gilbey

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