A bit of a cheat today, I thought I’d repost from 2019’s Blogtober archive (below) – with new comments and a King-flavoured update. Because this time of year belongs to Stephen King and Stephen King alone. Who’s with me?

FYI, I finished – and loved – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (review here), Bag of Bones and I got half way through Christine before stopping but only ‘cos I wasn’t in the mood at the time. Also after Christine I switched to a Kindle because Mr King’s books tend to be so flipping heavy and I like to read in the bath.

This Autumn/Winter I’m doing a King-a-long challenge with Helen and Matt – we unanimously chose Needful Things after a brief short-listing exercise – and so far so good. At the end of October we’re gathering to discuss our thoughts – and to celebrate Halloween together. I’ve had this week off work so in between preparing the house for a very special visitor and watching a horror movie a day, I’ve been spending time with Leland Gaunt. 

I read this book when I was a kid/tween and it was the only King I’d ever read until adulthood so it holds a special place in my heart. I remember King describing a character very specifically with a phrase that’s stuck with me all my life – something along the lines of “his attic wasn’t fully furnished” (AKA, a few sandwiches short of a picnic). I haven’t found it again but I’m excited for it to pop up. Evidence I’ve really been there before I guess. 

I’ll review at some point no doubt so watch this space. 

In the meantime, what are you reading?

I’ve decided to leave the rest of my year (and then some) open for Stephen King. Books, that is but if the man himself wanted to stop by and take me on a couple of dates I probably wouldn’t say no. Imagine the chat. Anyway, the UK is a rainy grey place right now so […]I Wish I Knew How To Quit Boo – Stephen King Edition

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