Sometimes only a podcast episode can hit the spot, am I right? I particularly like having one to hand when I’m doing something mundane at work, it makes me feel like I’m somewhere else. Given the content of some of these though, actually being where I am doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to.

TW: Death, sexual assault and very explicit murder detail

Morbid: A true crime podcast

At this point Ash and Alaina feel like old friends. I’ve listened to so much Morbid over the last year that the sound of their voices is now more familiar to me that the sound of the sea or the wind in the trees. And I’m good with it.

I like this one because the hosts feel like women I’d be friends with and the shows are so well researched. There can be a bit of waffle sometimes but if I like the presenters then this doesn’t bother me too much, it actually makes me feel more connected.

As for the content, it’s a mixture of notorious and lesser known true crime cases, survivor stories and supernatural tales. It does veer heavily on the serial killer side and that’s A-okay with me as it’s relevant to my interests – but there’s enough other stuff to dip into if you need a break. I know, I know – true crime? Groundbreaking.

I just think this is done particularly well and is a good alternative to MFM which is fine but not my favourite.

My highlight episodes:

Films to be Buried With

We are born. We die. In between we watch a lot of films. And some of these films shape the people we are. This is a podcast about those films. (And a bit about death.)

Probably the most cheerful show on this list but it does take a poke at death with guests talking about the films that made their lives before they ‘died’. Each guest chooses their own fictitious way to go and then answers a set of questions posed by host Brett Goldstein (comedian, actor, hot piece).

This podcast is so funny and the mix of guests is really pleasing. It’s really good to get an insight into certain film makers and actors that you wouldn’t expect to be as entertaining as they are. And to ruminate on the questions for yourself is really fun – I find myself wishing I could be a guest one day just so I can think deeply about my own answers.

As it is I spend a lot of my time shouting into the ether in agreement with people’s choices.

My highlight episodes:

Crime Junkie Podcast

I’m relatively new to this one but have been listening to its host Ashley Flowers on her other podcast Supernatural for a while (also v. good). CJ is really good to listen and covers infamous  crime cases, missing persons cases and out and out murder – and while that’s not anything strictly new, I do think it’s done particularly sensitively in this case.

I really enjoy both hosts – Ashley and her co-host Brit – they have a calming quality that really helps when they’re going in deep on something mind-bogglingly awful. Brit asks really thoughtful questions and I like how that pads out a lot of the cases and puts them in layman’s terms for the listener (me).

The podcast also does a lot of good helping heaps of organisations, like the DNA Doe Project and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, as well as advocating and supporting the families of victims of crime with money, resources and time.

My highlight episodes:

True crime as entertainment is a weird one isn’t it? On the one hand, some of us seek it out because it’s interesting and something we’d like to know more about, in terms I suppose of what makes people commit these heinous crimes – but on the other, there’s something unsavoury about wanting all the salacious details. We always need to remember that there are victims in all this (including the families/loved ones left behind) and I prefer podcasts that acknowledge who they were as people (Morbid is great at this).

What are you listening to?

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