My vow to do a regular newsletter/Letter from the Editor really stood up, didn’t it? Seems I’ve had no news to share since April. Which is kind of true but not really – is everyone else feeling like the last two years have blurred and everything’s exactly the same YET completely different?

Yeah. Me neither.

Anyway, let me try and fill you in on a few bits.

Hi gang,

While life has returned to a semblance of normal for many of us, I think it’s going to take a lot more to actually relax back into it. I’m feeling less stressed the more I make my way outside but it can be a lot sometimes – all those sounds and colours and PEOPLE. I think the majority of us are just taking it at our own pace and that’s completely fine.

I keep expecting this time of year to bring another lockdown with it but I’m not sure. In the back of my mind I’ve already started planning my own, it’s quite a comforting feeling, especially now we have A DOG. A real life dog to cuddle up with! I’ll tell you more about her in just a moment.

Work is what it is, I don’t really relish talking about it at the best of times. I do a split role which is basically communications and now I’m also helping out on a huge modernisation project. I’m only seconded into these roles but it’s been almost two years and I’m hoping at some point they’ll figure out where to slot me more permanently. I hold out hope while also scouring the job boards in case something new and exciting pops up.

The house is great but I forever despair that I’m such a lame homemaker. I wish I was more on top of everything that needs doing but the truth is, I’m not that interested. The house gets tidied when it gets too much and that’s that. As for Gypsy, well she’s finally home and it’s been 48 hours now – which is the longest she’s ever been away from the kennels since she arrived there in March. She was fostered a couple of times and returned due to her emotional needs – girl is an anxious Annie just like her mum.

Here she is:

I mean:

So far she’s settling in well. We’ll need to pick up her training again shortly and it will be a while before we can take her on proper long walks, but day by day and all that. Mittens is not sure but has been mostly inquisitive so hopefully that’s a good sign. Dogs really are the most precious, aren’t they?

In other news everyone else is doing okay. My nephew is six months old now and a total darling. I just wish we lived nearer so we could pop round all the time. One day hopefully that will be the case but for now we’ve got weekends, Zoom calls and all our best intentions. Of course we’re currently kicking back in the best month of all, the one by which I base most of my personality and I am loving it. Shitty weather and all.

What better conditions to snuggle up with Uncle Stephen and the very best horror movies?

As for how I’m feeling in myself, I don’t really know. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of who I was and I’m not sure when she’s coming back. If she’ll ever come back. Maybe that’s a good thing ultimately – maybe what’s left is the true measure of who I am? Maybe I am an uncomplicated, boring old woman who enjoys her creature comforts and the simple life. Maybe that’s okay.

Or maybe I still have some work to do on figuring out what I want from this next phase of life. Kind of exciting to daydream about, isn’t it?

How are you doing?

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